Harold Ewart Cockburn

Harold Cockburn (aka Hye) (1911-1967)

My Maternal Grandfather

Harold with his younger brother Bob, around 1915.

My maternal grandfather, Harold Ewart Cockburn, was born in Hamilton, Ontario on September 4, 1911. He was the fourth of six children born to John Cockburn (week # 4) and Mary Heddle (week # 5), who had immigrated to Hamilton from Scotland a few years earlier.  Harold became known as "Hye" for most of his life.  His eldest sister Catherine died of Tuberculosis at the age of 17; he and his three brothers and one sister remained close during their lives, despite some relocations in adulthood. Unfortunately, with the exception of the oldest son, Jack, who lived into his 80's, all of the remaining Cockburn siblings died in their 40's or 50's.

Harold worked mostly in factories in Hamilton, an industrial town.  He met and married Peggy (week #1) in 1932 and they raised three daughters together.  Harold was reported to be a fairly serious, at times strict, father; however he was also known to like a good party and practical joke.  He was proud of his daughters and eventually his eight grandchildren, however sadly he died when they were all fairly young.  At the age of 11, I was the second oldest grandchild when "Gramp" passed away at 55 years of age, after a long battle with stomach cancer (as did his father before him).

Harold at age 16

Harold at age 16 in 1927

Harold never learned to drive a car - he loved to walk and managed to get where he needed to go on foot, bicycle or later on the city bus.


Gramp and I (abt 1958)

"Remember me in the family tree - my name, my days, my strife; then I'll ride upon the wings of time and live an endless life."

- Linda Goetsch

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Ted | Reply 04.07.2014 20.14

2 fond memories - he always called me "Butch" and after my Dad died he always called
every week and we had some great phone chats right up to his last year.

Muggs | Reply 11.06.2014 20.55

Wow that was such a true portrait of my Dad. I think I inherited is sense of humour.

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