Robert Devine (Devon)

My Maternal 2nd Great-Grandfather

Bellshill, Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland

My 2nd Great-Grandfather on my maternal side was born Robert Devine about 1850 in Bellshill, Bothwell, Lanarkshire Scotland. His parents were Robert Devine and Catherine McGhie, both born in Ireland around 1814.  Robert had two older sisters who were born in Ireland in 1843 and 1845 and a younger sister also born in Bellshill, Bothwell, Lanarkshire in 1853.  Like many Irish families, the Devines must have immigrated to Scotland in the late 1840's.

It is difficult to trace the details of Irish immigration to Scotland, however with the development of cotton weaving, the construction of railways and the general expansion of the economy, the foundations of Irish settlement in Scotland grew in the 1840's. "Prior to the great famine of 1846-47, emigration from Ireland could best be described as a trickle. After the famine it became a flood." Source:

Robert can be found in all Scottish census' from his birth to his death.  Like his father before him, Robert worked most of his life on the railway and later as a shopkeeper in the steelworks.

In June 1870, Robert Devine (20) married Charlotte Whiteside (22) in Bellshill, Bothwell, Lanarkshire Scotland at the Established Church of Scotland.  Between 1872-1890, they had seven children, four girls and three boys.  My maternal great-grandmother, Catherine Whiteside Devon (see week 11) was their second daughter.  One of Robert and Charlotte's sons, William, died at one year of age from measles and pneumonia and another, Robert Jr., was killed in action in France during WW1.

In the early 1870's, for unknown reason, the family name Devine changed to Devon; all family members except Robert's parents became known as Devon and this name and Whiteside were used as middle names for generations to come.

The family moved a short distance to Motherwell, Lanarkshire in the 1890's. Charlotte died in 1908.  In the 1911 census, Robert was staying with his daughter Catherine (my great-grandmother) and her family in their home in Motherwell. In February 1917, Robert died of bronchitis and endocarditis at the age of 67. His surviving son, Isaac, was present at the death.

Bellshill Parish Church

"When we die we become stories in the minds of other people."


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