"Collateral Ancestors"

What's a "Collateral" Ancestor?

Welcome to Year 2 of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge.  2015 is the year of writing about 'collateral' ancestors.  Our "fearless" leader, Amy Johnson Crow from Ancestry.com, describes collaterals as being our "other" relatives - the siblings and cousins of our direct ancestors (who I mostly wrote about in 2014).

For example, your great-great-grandfather is your ancestor. His siblings are not, they are relatives, but not your ancestor per se. They are referred to as collaterals and learning about them can help us better understand the people from whom we descend.

This year, I’m going to focus my blog on my collaterals, those “other” people in our family tree. I want to know more than just when and where they were born. I want to learn their stories and I want to transcribe all the facts I've been accumulating over the years into a narrative.  So in no particular order, I will feature one collateral each week, some will fit into the suggested themes of the 52 Ancestors, 52 Weeks challenge however many will not.

Once again, quoting Amy, "our family trees are made of more than just those people from whom we descend. Our collaterals helped shape our ancestors’ stories."  Like our parents and generations of grandparents, our siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins have a profound impact on our lives and on our histories.  Now, after a late start, to get going on the challenge for 2015...

Aunts, Uncles, Siblings and Cousins - these are the collateral relatives that help shape our lives and our stories.

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